About Gilmer County


Gilmer County is the gem of the North Georgia mountains.

Gilmer County is nestled in the foothills of the vast Chattahoochee National Forrest and Appalachian mountains.  Thousands of acres of Gilmer County are protected state and federal lands, including a portion of the Chattahoochee National Forest, Georgia Department of Natural Resources Rich Mountain Wildlife Management Area, and Carters Lake which is a U.S. Army Corp of Engineers reservoir.

Gilmer County is located 77 miles north of Atlanta, and 67 miles southeast of Chattanooga, TN.   The area is easily accessed via four lane Georgia Highways 575/515, US 76 and Georgia Highway 2,5, 52 and 282.

Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is only 88 miles from Gilmer County.  Local Airports include Gilmer County Airport and Blairesville Regional Airport (38 miles).   The area is served by local freight carriers.

Gilmer County experiences all four seasons and offers an almost endless wide range of recreation opportunities.  Many people regard Gilmer County as a fabulous place to work and play.  Gilmer county is the Mountain Biking Capital of Georgia and also noted as the designated home of the Georgia Apple Festival.

It is often said “If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains, you are lucky enough!”

Move your business and family to Gilmer County to have the best possible work-play business friendly environment and live your best life.


About Georgia

Georgia’s pro-business environment is the product of state statues, economic development practices, business development support, fiscal conservatism, community leadership, and an innovative, progressive business community.  Georgia was the first southeastern state to pass single-factor corporate tax apportionment.  This means that in-state sales are the only relevant factor in determining the portion of taxable income to which the 5.75 percent corporate tax rate is applied.  Georgia is one of a handful of states to have the highest bond ratings (AAA) from all three major municipal bond rating agencies – Moody’s, Fitch and Standard & Poor’s.

Georgia’s case for being a predictable, business-friendly capital investment destination is underscored by an unprecedented record of being named Top Business Climate by Site Selection Magazine for six consecutive years from 2013 to 2018.  Additionally, the strength of Georgia’s economy was demonstrated when the Georgia Legislature dropped the top corporate rate in 2019.